Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Give your room a makeover with stripes

Stripes are the hottest trend in home decor. They are easy to incorporate in room’s interior in the form of striped walls, bedding or even ceiling. Spice up Your Bedroom with Stripes!

Love the purity of green? Then this design will be your first inspiration. This room has coziness and purity blended so well that you will not stop feasting your eyes on it. Its walls have an elegant lime green color with thin white stripes on it. Then a drawer table with grey and white horizontal stripes captures your attention as if it is showing unity with the pattern of the wall. The white bed with crisp pure white linen and a lime green daybed are doing justice with the beauty of this room making it look yet more tranquil.

If you have an inclination towards decorating your room with stripes in brown hue then this one is meant for you. This room’s walls are done in vertical brown and cream white stripes. To balance it the bed linen is in brown color with silky throw pillows. This room altogether evokes chocolate to your mind.

If you want to get a bit more experimental with stripes then painting the ceiling in stripes along with the walls would be wonderful. This is an attic room with a tent shaped ceiling and it is painted in pastel purple and white stripes. To enhance the beauty of the stripes the designer has done color blocking in the form of white, purple and pink bedding. With this the white curtains make this room complete.

Can a room be more calm and pleasing to eyes than this one? This room is a blue bliss with its walls painted in wide light blue and white vertical stripes. The white furniture and bursts of blue in the form of throw pillows and ottomans are making this room divine.

This room with a bright green colored striped wall gives a sense of tranquility and freedom. Turn your room into a soothing and comforting place by painting your wall in light and dark green stripes along with traces of white like this.

This room showcases fun all around. It has candy stripes theme in pink and green combination. The walls have beautiful pink, pastel green and white stripes. The drapery and headboard are also partners with the pattern of the wall. To top it all the bed linen, a pure white lamp and butterflies hanging above make it a fairyland.
Pablo Arguello
Source: TWRS Painting Contractors.

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