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Tips to Design and Illuminate your Bedroom | Interior designer The Woodlands TX

The choice of lighting in our homes often comes down to improving the decoration of space, but to adding a pleasant atmosphere also.

Therefore, every room should have adequate lighting strength. The bedroom should have lighting that will provide a relaxed atmosphere while at the same time will enable in some individual parts, place for reading or run any other activity. For this the best is combination of one mainly light and many lamps that will allow the light to be able to adapt to current activities and mood.

One of the easiest ways that you can light up the home or to add a different atmosphere in every room, is to make a good choice of lamps. With many designs, shapes, colors, sizes and strength of lighting, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods to change the tone of the lighting of a room.

Alternatively, near the bed can be attached hanging lamps with light directed downward or small chandeliers hanging down to the height of pillows (make sure the lights are not set too close to the wall that will create unpleasant reflection)

Whether you are moving into a new home, renovated home or simply want to decorate and complement the everyday look of your home decor, despite the desire and ideas, and it is little sense of style, to make your rooms to look like from a magazine. The lighting in every part of the house should be customized to the activities that take place in it.

For the closets in the bedroom is recommended indirectly or dispersed light, preferably in the form of directional LEDs or thin string lights placed on top of the closet.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Color MIX 2015 to Change Your Mood with Colors for your walls.

Studies have shown that our environment and especially the color, many affect our mood. The color is the first thing we notice when we come across something new. The colors are all around us, and their impact on our lives is often big. Affect our mood and subconscious, so the arrangement of living space except for their consistency and our tastes, needs to take into account the feelings that we want them to motives. If you want to change the look of your home and think about changes that are not very expensive, the simplest solution is to change the color of the walls and some extra decorative accessories.Achieve a sense of calm, with soft earth tones will never be wrong. Pale earth tones shades that are bordering with pink meat color and dark shades of golden color also creates a sense of calm. The feeling of calm is achieved using a pastel-blue shades, with pastel colors of lavender and purple with pastel colors and these colors are often used in mental health because of its calming effect. 

"People reaction to color is subjective, so there is no universally attractive or repulsive color, but small changes in hue of the color can stimulate or dampen some of our emotions."

It is always better to choose light shades than darker, because will achieved entirely different effect. The pure green, and green color of cinnamon have refreshing effect and is often used for bathrooms, although not a bad choice for the living room. The intense orange color also acts refreshing as lemon yellow color, but its lighter shades will act mesmerizing.

Dark shades are creating wonderful and peaceful mood where everyone wants to stay. Dark colors, unlike the intense shades of blue and purple pastel, create a feeling of comfort.  The dark shades should be used in small rooms because creating a sense of amplification. Many colors offer a sense of comfort. Darker shades of green also are creating a sense of comfort. Also and dark yellowish color of butter are into this group. 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Give your room a makeover with stripes

Stripes are the hottest trend in home decor. They are easy to incorporate in room’s interior in the form of striped walls, bedding or even ceiling. Spice up Your Bedroom with Stripes!

Love the purity of green? Then this design will be your first inspiration. This room has coziness and purity blended so well that you will not stop feasting your eyes on it. Its walls have an elegant lime green color with thin white stripes on it. Then a drawer table with grey and white horizontal stripes captures your attention as if it is showing unity with the pattern of the wall. The white bed with crisp pure white linen and a lime green daybed are doing justice with the beauty of this room making it look yet more tranquil.

If you have an inclination towards decorating your room with stripes in brown hue then this one is meant for you. This room’s walls are done in vertical brown and cream white stripes. To balance it the bed linen is in brown color with silky throw pillows. This room altogether evokes chocolate to your mind.

If you want to get a bit more experimental with stripes then painting the ceiling in stripes along with the walls would be wonderful. This is an attic room with a tent shaped ceiling and it is painted in pastel purple and white stripes. To enhance the beauty of the stripes the designer has done color blocking in the form of white, purple and pink bedding. With this the white curtains make this room complete.

Can a room be more calm and pleasing to eyes than this one? This room is a blue bliss with its walls painted in wide light blue and white vertical stripes. The white furniture and bursts of blue in the form of throw pillows and ottomans are making this room divine.

This room with a bright green colored striped wall gives a sense of tranquility and freedom. Turn your room into a soothing and comforting place by painting your wall in light and dark green stripes along with traces of white like this.

This room showcases fun all around. It has candy stripes theme in pink and green combination. The walls have beautiful pink, pastel green and white stripes. The drapery and headboard are also partners with the pattern of the wall. To top it all the bed linen, a pure white lamp and butterflies hanging above make it a fairyland.
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Source: TWRS Painting Contractors.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Turn up the style in your kitchen

Kitchens we are currently coveting, and consider how their unique details can work within your home!

kitchen design could you stumped or you simply need some inspiration, we have a few of the ways, you can update your kitchen with functional style.  

Don’t be afraid to use colors.

There are no rules when it comes to designing a space. Overall, this kitchen is classic with the exception of the blue cabinets — proof you can have fun with color no matter your style. Tie it all together with accents, dinnerware, and art in a similar shade to prevent your bold design from feeling out of place.

Sleek design with Stainless-steel

Stainless-steel appliances are all the rage, but it doesn't have to stop there. For the ultimate use of this metal, try it in other details, like seating. In this particular kitchen, it offers a nice contrast against the white subway tiles.

Go bold and welcome patterns

Often kitchens and color can seem like an unlikely match, but that doesn't have to be the case. This kitchen incorporated beautiful shades of gray, blues, and black against crisp, white cabinets so the appliances and accents could really stand out.

Extra counter space

This kitchen is no small space, but it has an island that city-dwellers should take note of. Since portable kitchen islands have no "permanent" location, they make dinner prep a breeze and offer additional storage if your space falls short.

Your island as a central point, Light it up!

This kitchen used chandeliers to give an oversize island a styled touch. Although the three light fixtures —  — are an unlikely option, they work in the space because they are of a similar color and finish to the room's woodwork.

Style your kitchen

If you're seeking a sleek interior, then consider an (almost) all-white kitchen. Not only does it channel a professional chef's kitchen, but also, white makes just as much of an impact as a bright color. It's no surprise the marble countertops are the main focus and the cabinets are kept minimal with hardware. Use succulents and greenery to keep the space from feeling too sterile.

New trend. Take a risk and open storage

You don't always have to cover up with cabinets. Embrace open cabinets similar to how you would a bookcase, and let your pieces stand on their own. The key is making sure all your serverware and glassware is of a similar style; this will prevent your space from looking unorganized and sloppy.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Homepolish, The new era in Home Design

SCM Design Group
Home isn't only where you lay your coat, or even just where the heart is. Home is also a refuge. It’s where you drag yourself after a long, stressful day to recoup and recharge. It’s where you entertain friends and family, where you celebrate life’s triumphs and mourn its tragedies. Home is an extension of you, a reflection of who you are - and hope to become.

SCM Design GroupAlthough “Homepolish” is a concept created in New York City, It was created with the intent of making the luxury of having a bespoke interior and a real designer in your home available to everyone who wants it, not just people who have ridiculous budgets. Because having a home that you’re proud of is so much more than just having something that looks great in photos. It changes your life.

Homepolish Tips.

SCM Design GroupHomepolish is based in a concept to have a color consultation from a professional designer in reasonable prices, Professional designers doesn’t mind giving out a bit of free advice. The cheapest way to completely transform a home, is by painting the interior. However with thousands of paint colors on the market, selecting the right hue can be tricky.

SCM Design Group

Many painting stores offer advices in products, colors and quality of paint, but only “a professional designer will beautify people’s lives one room at the time”. Homepolish designers work by the hour to transform clients' homes, offices and lives. One hour is the beginning to transform your house to your dream home.

This concept is perfect for DYI homeowners. Accessories, furniture layout, what colors will open up your space, lighting and plumbing fixtures, what walls to knock down, how to start a renovation project from scratch and more, this is “Homepolish”.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Homepolish? ... new trend for homeowners.

Why invest in a designer?
“You spend so much time in your home, it’s a place you want to be happy. It’s a place where you want to have that spot to curl up with a glass of wine. It’s a place that you want to be proud enough to invite friends over to entertain. We see that when people pay close attention to the way they live they become more organized and happier in general.”
Homepolish is the "new trend"
“They’re the savvy client who’s not afraid to invest in a home, but also doesn’t want to be taken for a ride. Our demographic is typically late 30s to late 50s, people who are ready to take the next step from having a home that is just a hodgepodge of furniture"

Thanks to Homepolish concept, getting help from an expert is now within reach. The startup connects style-conscious renovators with talented interior designers, without the extraordinary price tag usually associated with the service, based in these simple 3 tips.

3 tips to make your home happy, "Homepolish"
1. Paint already
, Color Consultation is the key
“People should paint. And I don’t mean paint one wall, I think they should paint their homes. Think about it: It is really, per square foot, the cheapest way to make the biggest statement in your home.” Ready to take the leap? Benjamin Moore’s new Williamsburg paint collection.

2. Map your home, Interior decorator will be your best friend.
Map your home to how you actually want to live versus how you think it should be laid out, We suggest choosing furniture that really caters to your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to mix textures, colors and materials, identify your "life style" and don't try to match, keep it simple and overlay colors / texture and materials they flow together in symbiosis design.

3. Mood lighting, A talent sales person, it will light up your day.
Add dimmers to your light switches. You can take your home from day to night. If I have people over, I don’t have to go buy 50 different candles and set my place on fire — I can just dim the light and create moods.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fresh Interior design Trends

1. - Welcome Brass

Brass has the ability to look ludicrously luscious or tantalizingly tacky.  A number of years back I was taken around a designer’s showroom in China who specialized in brass-ware; it looked tacky and clichéd.  It’s important to inspect designs which are executed poorly, to determine what mistakes to avoid. When done right, brass looks classy, it’s timeless, and it’s also a trend which has been gathering steam over the past year.  In 2014 we foresee a rise in the popularity of brass, particularly in the kitchen, bold brass bathtubs (as per the image below), lamp stands and other ornamental pieces.
SCM Design Group
SCM Design Group

2. - Macramé

Inexpensive and accessible to most, as long as you can find a supplier, fiber-art and macramé is arty, creative and takes the edge off of plain walls and rooms.  It’s definitely a micro trend at the moment, but should continue to snowball over the next couple of years.  It can be used instead of fine art, expensive wall paper and other more expensive wall pieces, and it’s for these reasons why I and many other designers believe this will be a successful, growing trend in 2014.

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3. - Flowers will never leave us....

Floral designs and textiles, as per the picture below, is a growing trend, not only in the interior design world, but also in other markets such as fashion.  When there is a lap over of a particular trend in more than one vertical market, in this case floral, the trend has a tendency to have staying power; the perfect storm one might say.  This will be a strong trend in 2014 that you’ll see popping up everywhere, from billboards, shop windows, interior designs and commercials.  Floral textiles are a great option for any new designs.
SCM Design Group

4. - Chic Glamour

This is all about creating mood.  Huge expanses of plain white, lifeless walls will be replaced with interest, mood and character.  Think daring and valorous, making a statement with every element of the design. Interesting and metallic accessories will be the perfect accompaniment; supplementing, complimenting and adding to the glam.  A weaker trend for 2014, but still growing at an increasing rate.
TWRS Painting Contractor

5. - Colors and colors and more colors.

In 2014 there’ll be a move towards versatility.  Instead of having one set look, we’ll see a base hues enlivened with accents of color whit will bring a monotonous box into a fresh lively room.  We’re talking bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated undertones.  It’s a fresh and lively trend which invigorates the senses and perks up the spirit.

The Woodlands Remodeling Services

6. - my “Blues”

Blue is without a doubt a massive trend this year.  At SCM Design group are seeing it everywhere, from home design exhibitions to showrooms, It’s all about blue, and don’t be shy about sticking to one shade either.  Different shades of blue rolling back into each other in the same room will ignite the senses.  Azure, beryl, teal, cobalt, sapphire; a cerulean of blue, folding back into themselves in an ocean of electric design.  Apart from turquoise which I cover in a later point, the other shade of blue which has gained popular traction is navy.  A calming, shade which commands authority without appearing desperate; easy and pleasant on the eye, this is one you can’t go wrong with in 2014: Navy is vogue.  Use it in accessories, soft furnishings, couches, cushions, cupboards, walls and anywhere else you can imagine it.  We’re seeing it everywhere; we’re seeing it in the design sphere: Blue will be big in 2014.

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7. - Splash of unique...

Here we are again; but this times a specific shade of blue.  Turquoise screams of life and personality and there is a plash of this color everywhere we look now.  The difference in feeling this vibrant tone gives a room is in such stark contrast to a mellow navy.  In my opinion it’s trickier to use right than navy, but as with everything, when it’s tricky, if done right it usually looks eye catching with the razzle-dazzle edge.  It’s one of those ‘in your face’ nimble colors that is hard to miss, and now it’s on your mental radar, you’ll notice it appearing more and more throughout 2014.  A trend which grew leaps and bounds in 2013, with a strong foundation to leap up from and press forwards with great vigor and potency in 2014.
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8. - Be smart... with “wow effect”

Today, more smart electronics are coming onto the market to make your house easier to maintain than ever before.
A refrigerator that tells you when your food expires, an automated floor cleaner that really works, a dishwasher with a sixth sense, a device that saves maximum energy, a dryer that doesn’t wrinkle your clothes, these is the technology in our hands in these days, and we could implement in every design.
SCM Design Group

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modern Bathroom Designs

The Qualities of Modern Bathrooms

There is a difference between modern and contemporary. Modern bathrooms are commonly found with open space designs that create airy and spacious feel.

There is no single template / model that is followed to create a modern bathroom. Modern bathrooms take a piece from the pages of Minimalist bathroom designs which place a clear emphasis on simplicity and sharp lines. Modern bathrooms typically employ black and white ploys, however, "a wide range of colors has been seen in contemporary designs more recently". Source: American Society of interior designers

Normally I wanted to create short list of maybe five to ten of our modern bath designs these layouts they have "the wow effect". The creativity, thoughtfulness, and the resulting display is powerful. Modern bathrooms can draw out undeniable emotions that leave you inclined to feel a special way.

Modern bathrooms are characterized with a sense of serenity that leaves quite an impression.  "Modern bathroom designs are characteristically simple, tending to shy away from ornate decorations and accents". Source: TWRS Painting Co.


"The shift towards a new style of architecture and design began in the early 19th century. Modern design marked a shift away from traditional decor that was often hand-crafted and intricately detailed". Source: American Society of interior designers.

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Wonderful Kitchen Ideas

Wonderful Kitchen Ideas

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amazing Home Makeovers

Freshen Up Your Powder Room

The trick is to turn the challenges of designing a powder room -- the small size, the all-too-common lack of windows -- into opportunities. Use the space to display art that is better viewed at close range, to experiment with layered lighting, or to hang a striking antique mirror. Most importantly -- make a statement. "Nothing makes guests feel more pampered than a stylish powder room." - SCM Design group

The Rules of Bathroom Remodeling

You don’t need size to have style. Powder rooms are the perfect example. Because they are used only briefly, they are the ideal stages for dramatic special effects that will wow your guests as they freshen up. And their small scale allows you to indulge in luxury materials and bold effects that you might not dare otherwise—whether a rich paint color, flamboyant wallpaper, or intricate mosaic tiles. 

Before you embark on a bathroom renovation, learn the common goals for every project, no matter the budget, style, or location.

Think about your space. Are you planning to update an existing powder room, transform a full bath into a half, or carve out a new spot within an existing floor plan? A larger space may have more design leeway, but in a tiny room, every item must function, fit, and contribute to the aesthetic.

Browse the bathrooms that inspire us, and get a variety of ideas to create your own fantasy guest bathroom. From modern luxury to low-key charm and set a realistic budget.

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