Saturday, May 3, 2014

Homepolish? ... new trend for homeowners.

Why invest in a designer?
“You spend so much time in your home, it’s a place you want to be happy. It’s a place where you want to have that spot to curl up with a glass of wine. It’s a place that you want to be proud enough to invite friends over to entertain. We see that when people pay close attention to the way they live they become more organized and happier in general.”
Homepolish is the "new trend"
“They’re the savvy client who’s not afraid to invest in a home, but also doesn’t want to be taken for a ride. Our demographic is typically late 30s to late 50s, people who are ready to take the next step from having a home that is just a hodgepodge of furniture"

Thanks to Homepolish concept, getting help from an expert is now within reach. The startup connects style-conscious renovators with talented interior designers, without the extraordinary price tag usually associated with the service, based in these simple 3 tips.

3 tips to make your home happy, "Homepolish"
1. Paint already
, Color Consultation is the key
“People should paint. And I don’t mean paint one wall, I think they should paint their homes. Think about it: It is really, per square foot, the cheapest way to make the biggest statement in your home.” Ready to take the leap? Benjamin Moore’s new Williamsburg paint collection.

2. Map your home, Interior decorator will be your best friend.
Map your home to how you actually want to live versus how you think it should be laid out, We suggest choosing furniture that really caters to your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to mix textures, colors and materials, identify your "life style" and don't try to match, keep it simple and overlay colors / texture and materials they flow together in symbiosis design.

3. Mood lighting, A talent sales person, it will light up your day.
Add dimmers to your light switches. You can take your home from day to night. If I have people over, I don’t have to go buy 50 different candles and set my place on fire — I can just dim the light and create moods.

Pablo X. Arguello
SCM Design Group