Friday, May 9, 2014

Homepolish, The new era in Home Design

SCM Design Group
Home isn't only where you lay your coat, or even just where the heart is. Home is also a refuge. It’s where you drag yourself after a long, stressful day to recoup and recharge. It’s where you entertain friends and family, where you celebrate life’s triumphs and mourn its tragedies. Home is an extension of you, a reflection of who you are - and hope to become.

SCM Design GroupAlthough “Homepolish” is a concept created in New York City, It was created with the intent of making the luxury of having a bespoke interior and a real designer in your home available to everyone who wants it, not just people who have ridiculous budgets. Because having a home that you’re proud of is so much more than just having something that looks great in photos. It changes your life.

Homepolish Tips.

SCM Design GroupHomepolish is based in a concept to have a color consultation from a professional designer in reasonable prices, Professional designers doesn’t mind giving out a bit of free advice. The cheapest way to completely transform a home, is by painting the interior. However with thousands of paint colors on the market, selecting the right hue can be tricky.

SCM Design Group

Many painting stores offer advices in products, colors and quality of paint, but only “a professional designer will beautify people’s lives one room at the time”. Homepolish designers work by the hour to transform clients' homes, offices and lives. One hour is the beginning to transform your house to your dream home.

This concept is perfect for DYI homeowners. Accessories, furniture layout, what colors will open up your space, lighting and plumbing fixtures, what walls to knock down, how to start a renovation project from scratch and more, this is “Homepolish”.

Pablo X. Arguello